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V2.x Release Notes

V2.3 Released July 19, 2024

New: Replaced the old dark mode with a new modern dark mode theme.
Fix: Edit user on user page

V2.2 Released July 17, 2024

New: Add Print KOT Option in Restaurant Screen via Details Button
New: Added Order Status to Running Orders
New: Only Running Orders will be sent to Kitchen Screen
New: Added Custom labels to product page
New: Added Print Label to Product actions
New: Added Barcode Settings in Settings->Barcodes
New: Added POS Printer settings in Settings->Printers

Improvement: Redesigned Menu ScrollBar to include a thin, clickable scroll bar, replacing the previous scroll buttons for a better user experience.
Improvement: Main Header Menus optimized opening and closing

Fix: Fix Sidebar Reports
Fix: Fix Dark Mode button in mobile layout
Fix: Fixed Fetching Combo Products issue
Fix: Fixed menu scroll button on mobile screens
Fix: Fixed Sending ledger via email
Fix: Fixed Location on Edit Product
Fix: Fixed Action Buttons layout at Tax Rates Screen
Fix: Fixed all Select2 issues throughout the code
Fix: Fixed Action buttons layout throughout the application
Fix: Fixed Contact Show Layout
Fix: Edit Button Layout fixed throughout the application

V2.1 Released July 02, 2024

NOTE: Make sure you’ve PHP 8.2 Installed on your Server!!

 Compatibility with PHP 8.2, Laravel 11.x.
NEW: KOT (Kitchen Order Ticket).
NEW: ORDER TYPE on POS Page. You can choose order type (Dine-in, Takeaway, Delivery) before placing an order.
NEW: the ability to see and manage modifiers for combo products on the POS page.
NEW: Combo Modifiers on the Product page.
NEW: Running Order modal with real-time updates and options to Edit/Modify Order, Reprint KOT, and Print Pre-Bill.
NEW: Order Notes before placing an order. They’ll reflect on KOT, Invoice, and Running Orders.
NEW: (+) Dropdown on the Main POS Header with additional options.
NEW: Setting Restaurant to enable/disable Restaurant module with order type, KOT, and running orders.

IMPROVEMENT: Dark theme button on Mobile screen is moved to a dropdown + button.
IMPROVEMENT: Added “Add repair attendance calendar todo” to the main app header.
IMPROVEMENT: Logo removed from the header on Mobile screen.
IMPROVEMENT: POS Mobile Screen Layout updated to make it look like a mobile application.
IMPROVEMENT: POS Mobile Screen Layout is set to fixed to improve UX.
IMPROVEMENT: Categories and Brands Layout is changed so users can easily select the categories.
IMPROVEMENT: Featured Products Layout is fixed.
IMPROVEMENT: New Mobile Check Library added.
IMPROVEMENT: Overall Code Improvements and Optimizations.

FIX: Email auto-send fixed with Superadmin Module.
FIX: Fixed Invoice Layout add button.

V2.0.1 Released June 27, 2024

FIX: Fixed Screen Freeze issue while making Sale

V2.0 Released June 23, 2024

NEW: Price Check Screen

[Enable from Settings->POS->Show Price Check Screen]

NEW: Dark Mode
NEW: Customer Display (Dual Screen)

[Enable from Settings->POS->Show Customer Display]

NEW: Dashboard Widget configurations

[Enable from Settings->Dashboard->Enable/Disable Widgets]

NEW: Show Quantity and Price at Products on POS Screen

[Enable from Settings->POS->Show Product Quantity]

NEW: Download Excel for all products
NEW: Sell Return on POS Screen
NEW: Expense on POS Screen
NEW: Calculator on POS Screen with keyboard input
NEW: Invoice Schemes

IMPROVEMENT: Enhanced Product Add/Edit Screen
IMPROVEMENT: Improved Overall POS Screen layout
IMPROVEMENT: POS screen layout now fits the screen, eliminating scroll bars when additional items are present
IMPROVEMENT: Improved POS Screen Product list
IMPROVEMENT: Improved Currency Exchange Rate on POS Screen
IMPROVEMENT: Improved default Datatable entries

FIX: Dashboard Graph real-time update issue
FIX: Auto Email Notification Send issue
FIX: Datatables to show all entries

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