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V1.x Release Notes

V1.5 Released May 27, 2024

NEW: Added New widgets to Home Screen
NEW: Added Sales Order
NEW: Added Reward Points
NEW: Improvement Settings Interface
NEW: Improvement Currency Exchange Rate Flow on POS Create/Edit screens
NEW: Improvement Invoice Preview Email Sending

FIX: Fixed Media Upload issue for some servers
FIX: Fixed Invoice Edit Issue for some users
FIX: Fixed Minor Language Issues
FIX: Fixed Invoice delete issue
Other minor improvements & issues fixed.

V1.4 Released May 05, 2024

FIX: Accounts Issue Fixed
NEW: Added support for Multi Currency Module
FIX: Misc Fixes

V1.3.2 Released March 26, 2024

FIX: POS Screen Crash issue

V1.3.1 Released March 26, 2024

FIX: Minor fixes
IMPROVEMENT: Woocommerce Module Support

V1.3 – Released on March 05, 2024

FIX: Misc fixes
IMPROVEMENT: hms support
IMPROVEMENT: Light logo on login page

V1.2 – Released on February 23, 2024

FIX: Language saving issue for user
FIX: Tax calculation on POS
FIX: add product/quick add product tax change issue fixed
FIX: Stock Manager permission fixed
IMPROVEMENT: Registration page layout improved
– other misc. fixes and improvements

V 1.1 – Released on February 19, 2024

FIX: Tax Calculation issue
FIX: Sidebar compatibility
FIX: Other misc Fixes

V 1.0 – Released on February 13, 2024

– Initial Release

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