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BardPOS – Premier ERP Solution for Seamless Stock Management, Point of Sale, and Efficient Invoicing.

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BardPOS is a comprehensive business management system designed to streamline the operations of retail and service-oriented businesses.

  • Profit Monitoring: BardPOS allows you to monitor different aspects of profitability including gross and net profit. You can track profit by products, categories, brands, locations, invoices, dates, customers, and daily sales.
  • Customer Loyalty: The system includes a customizable reward points program that encourages customer loyalty. Customers can earn points with purchases and redeem them, enhancing their shopping experience.
  • Operational Management: For businesses like restaurants or spas, BardPOS offers table allocation and service personnel management, helping you keep your operations organized and efficient.
  • Sales Enhancement: You can increase sales with the bundle or combo product feature that allows you to sell multiple items or services together at a package price.
  • Extensive Features: The system provides:
    • Business Management: Manage multiple business locations, set up different currencies, and financial years.
    • Product Management: Handle inventory with stock management, product categorization, brand management, and barcode labeling.
    • Purchase & Supplier Management: Keep track of purchase orders, supplier details, and inventory restocking.
    • POS Terminal: A user-friendly interface for processing sales, with various payment options for customers.
    • Reporting: Access detailed reports on profit and loss, purchase and sales, stock levels, and taxes to make informed decisions.
  • Staff and Service Management: Manage your staff, assign roles, and track their performance. The system also allows for booking appointments and reservations, essential for service-based businesses.
  • Multi-industry Application: BardPOS is versatile and can be used by various industries including retail, wholesale, consulting, medical, electronics, and restaurants, among others.
  • Customer and Supplier Relations: Maintain detailed records of customer and supplier transactions, manage contacts, and stay on top of payment terms.
  • Notifications and Communications: The system can send SMS and email notifications to keep you, your staff, and your customers updated.
  • Dashboard and Analytics: BardPOS comes with an interactive dashboard that provides a snapshot of your business performance with charts and analytics for quick insights.

In essence, BardPOS integrates multiple functions into one platform, simplifying the complexities of business operations, and providing you with the tools you need to grow and manage your business effectively.

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Are future updates FREE?
Yes, all future LIFETIME updates are FREE
Do I have to pay for updating to latest version?
NO, You get future updates for FREE
Does it support our currency?
Yes, we support ALL currencies
Do you provide Source code?
Yes BardPOS comes with a complete open source code.
Can I customize the code?
Yes you can customize the code as per your requirement
Can I change BardPOS Branding (logo or app name)
BardPOS is completely white-label you can easily rebrand to your company’s name and logo
How do you provide Support?
Support is our first priority, We’ve multiple support Channels:
Live Chat: You can chat live at our website to a support agent.
Support Portal: is official Support Portal you can submit your tickets
Email Support: You can send an email to [email protected] for support queries
I’m using UltimatePOS can I migrate to BardPOS?
Yes we’ll get you migrated from UltimatePOS to BardPOS with 0 downtime and 100% data security assurance
What is difference between Regular and Extended License
Regular License: Valid for one installation or Domain
Extended License: For Agencies or tech companies you can generate upto 100 license keys and valid for upto 100 Installations or Domains
What Tech Stack is used to develop BardPOS?
BardPOS is developed using Laravel 9.5x with PHP 8.1+ Support with mySql Database

Release Notes

V 1.0 – Released on February 13, 2024
- Initial Release

V 1.1 – Released on February 19, 2024
- Fix: Tax Calculation issue
- Fix: Sidebar compatibility
- Fix: Other misc Fixes

V1.2 – Released on February 23, 2024
- Fix: Language saving issue for user
- Fix: Tax calculation on POS
- Fix: add product/quick add product tax change issue fixed
- Fix: Stock Manager permission fixed
- Improvement: Registration page layout improved
- other misc. fixes and improvements

V1.3 – Released on March 05, 2024
- Misc fixes
- hms support
- Light logo on login page

V1.3.1 Released March 26, 2024
- Minor fixes
- Woocommerce Module Support

V1.3.2 Released March 26, 2024
- FIX: POS Screen Crash issue

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  1. agunk368 (verified owner)

    Great app with great support they have done a marvelous job

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    Design is good, top of that support is execelent, also app performance is better than ultimatepos.

  3. petersalo38 (verified owner)

    Very good product and highly recommended, the attention is super fast and they help with everything you need, it is one of the few with good support

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